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Thanks for your words. The truth is that we have to update ourselves with the Disney theme. We look forward to offering you more up-to-date information soon.

I was in France a couple of times. The first one was to go to Disneyland and I decided to go almost at the beginning of September, to avoid, among other things, the saturation of many tourists

On that trip we went on our own, but the second we visited the corners of Paris and its surroundings, we hired some guys who explained everything to us in Spanish.

Thank you for visiting us, we have always been free but it is true that now this service is in place and everyone tells me that it is very good.

I have loved all your tips about the trip to Disney, they will be very useful to me soon !!

I think the tips are very valid, but I would like to break a spear and comment on those things that no one tells you after having spent 4 or 5 thousand euros in Eurodisney with your children.

Those things that are not exactly magical and that when we return to the routine, we tend to forget or hide, and that perhaps, if you know them before the trip, they can come in handy.

All the reason in the world. I think that in our post I already hint that the subject is hard, well the title is already a declaration of intentions, but hey it is clear that you have delved deeper into the subject! ha ha ha and also I fully subscribe to the affair of conjugal fights, ha ha ha. You have to be prepared and count to 3. Your article is very cool.

They have also given us a check for € 200 to spend in shops and stores in the park (offer)

Well I don’t know! it’s a matter of taste, I might go in the middle to rest a bit from Disney, but tastes, colors !!!

The tourist bus if you are only going to be one day may be good, to see the main thing in the city.

Regarding your last question, I have no idea the truth. You will have to ask the issuer of the gift voucher.

Is it possible to buy two separate tickets, one for each day and each park? I go with my two daughters and my niece but they are over 20 years old.

Hi!! We go from May 1 to 4 to the Sequoia Hotel in MP. We are a married couple with two children 6 and 4 years old. The first day is lost because we land at almost 9 at night and the last day we leave at 2 in the afternoon. Total we have two days to see the park. What do you recommend me to make the most of my time without stress? And also to know if the lunch / dinner / breakfast with princesses and the other restaurant that you recommend (the exotic one) are included is the tickets given at the hotel with the MP. Thank you

I have hired the trip to go with my 9 and 5-year-old daughters in March, I want to make restaurant reservations and they have told me to download the map to organize the days a bit, but I am not quite clear when it comes to locating the restaurants, the one with the princesses that you talk about in your post, do you know if it is included in the half board? You’re only talking about 2 other restaurants… I already assume that food will not be the panacea but hey… are there food stands or something like that? Or do you always have to go to die in their restaurants?

The truth is that I can’t help you much. At Disney, everything changes very quickly and it also depends on the offer you have. For example, the princesses restaurant, I think I remember that it was not included in any package, but maybe yours does. I would be surprised because it is usually an extra, but I do not know what you have hired.

What I can tell you is that the food is fair, in fact the one at the princess’s hostel seemed awful to me, but well, you don’t care, because princesses kept coming, and between photos and videos you are not much for the food…

We were in an apartment and we could get sandwiches … but the food there, don’t expect the truth much …

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