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A greeting!

I was intrigued by how you always catch the emergency exit seats! It has only touched me once and it is really comfortable.

Hello Gabriela! Well, I (Pablo) measure almost 2 meters so the flight attendants usually take pity on me when I get on a plane and there is no room hahaha, a greeting!

I want to go to Las Palmas next weekend, is it better to get the tickets now on the previous weekend or wait for Monday or Tuesday as you say if prices drop? Right now I get the round trip for 200, is it very hasty to wait for me with such a short time margin? Thanks greetings

Hello my friends and I want to go to Morocco in October, but the flights have gone from 100 to 200 and more euros, I will apply your knowledge between Monday and Tuesday of next week to see if we are lucky and find a good offer through from skyscanner. Do you advise me to look better directly through the rayanair or vueling pages? If you have more tips for this flight I will be happy to read it

Hi Katty! Thank you very much for your words 🙂 Here in the post I have left everything that is heheehej with the research we did and many details. I hope you find it cheaper 🙂 A hug !!

I have a question for you, I plan to travel to Berlin on October 15 (if it can be not with Ryanair due to problems other times when I have traveled with them) from Barcelona.

Would 7 weeks in advance be cheaper than how much I am getting now? I don’t know if the price is more expensive because there are not 7 weeks left or it would stay that way. I also know that since I am looking at it on Friday, it is getting too high, is the difference usually very big compared to looking at it on Monday? I am afraid that it will continue to rise and in the end I will not be able to afford it and it is something very important that I cannot miss.

Hello lili! Thanks for your answer. The truth is that the formula is not always exact nor does it have to be taken at face value. It is more of an estimate, since sometimes 8 weeks in advance is better than 7 or vice versa. I would recommend you follow the prices for several days and not let too much pass because there is little time left. A greeting!!

We are going to travel in October with my partner and a friend couple to Miami, we are leaving for 15 days and we are undecided about the price of the trip … It comes and goes every day, I have the Skyscanner alert …

Do you think that in August it can increase a lot? To know whether to take the flights now or wait for that month to pass … We do not know what to do and we do not want to run the risk that they are more expensive …

Hi Isa! Of course, these dates are difficult because we are in the middle of the holidays, so prices tend to rise.

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