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It gives me that I do not think you will find much bargain….

Hi!! We want to travel to Madrid but we do not know which date is better if at the end of August or wait until November since around August 26 round flights are between 640 euros.

On the other hand, do you recommend getting to the Fiumicino airport? since there the costs go down a bit

Hello, Lizeth !! Thanks for comment! Where do you fly from? Flights in August are always more expensive, as it is high season. Maybe for November they are cheaper, but the weather is getting worse. After Madrid do you want to go to Rome? Or would you go directly to Rome because it is cheaper up there?

We are organizing a week-long trip at the end of May – June to Sardinia, some leaving from Barcelona and others from London.

Hi Roser! We can never predict whether prices will go up or down. We can only approximate trends, and interpret numbers. It is true that it seems to me a lot of money for that flight, but it is a highly demanded destination and complicated dates. Try but in a few days to see what you find, I would do that. A greeting!

I am planning a trip for 2 people from Alicante to Milan. Round trip we get € 35 per person for the second week of July.

I have read on Skyscanner that for this itinerary it is recommended to buy the flight 13-14-15 weeks in advance, but I fear that if I wait longer, the offer will increase in price. What do you recommend me?

Hello Cristina! I honestly would not wait any longer, because € 35 seems like a very very very good price. A greeting!

Hello, a short-haul ticket on Ryanair the day before the flight is usually much more expensive or much cheaper due to the need to complete the number of seats?

Hello, Martha! The day before is usually more expensive, really. Most of the time

Hello, what do they call you long and short distance? I want to travel from Montevideo – Uruguay to Natal – Brazil, in that case, how do you consider it? Thank you

Hi Nicolas! More than 3h it would already be half distance. This is only a guide, it should not always be taken literally, but it is useful to get an idea. A greeting!

I wanted to buy two tickets from Biarritz to Paris and I don’t know whether to buy them today or wait for Monday.

Hello Adrian! It depends on when you want to fly. Calculate prices according to the days that pass and you can get an idea.

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