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The best thing, if you want to save that extra, is to use the search engines to locate the most interesting ticket and then make the purchase through the website of the airline in question.

It seems silly, but has it ever happened to you to look for a flight, not to make the purchase because you decide to think about it, and when you look for it again you see that the price has risen? Your browser saves a record of that search and the airline’s website knows it, you have already given it to understand that you are interested in that flight and that you are likely to buy it, so it may increase the price because if it sneaks … . If this happens we advise you to try to delete the cookies from your browser, use incognito mode or check it from another device. If the price increase was due to this, you will find the price you saw the first time.

Do not be lazy to make scales. In most cases, direct flights will be more expensive than trips that involve several flights to reach your destination, even if that means stopping at different airports to change planes. Sometimes the scales are exhausting … but if you don’t mind and it compensates you financially, why not? Everything is to get the cheapest ticket possible.

Many times we buy a round trip ticket because, on the one hand, it is easier, and on the other, we assume that it is the cheapest way to acquire them. But have you stopped to look for those flights separately? Sometimes it is possible that if you buy a one-way ticket, from your home to the destination, and then a one-way ticket, from the destination to your home, the resulting total price is lower than that of a single round-trip ticket. Check it out, you may still be surprised.

Sometimes what you want is to travel, no matter where, you are simply looking for a cheap ticket to take advantage of your vacation and escape from the routine. If that is your case you should know that there is a way to find a cheap destination depending on your dates. In many flight search engines you can search for tickets for a certain date, regardless of destination. The result will be a list of destinations, ordered by price, and maybe that way you will find where to spend little on your next days off.

You know where you want to go and you know when you want to go. You have seen a price and you assume that it is what it is, that is the amount you will have to pay if you want to get there. However, it is worth looking at the possibility of flying to other airports close to your destination.

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