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c) Loss of the condition that enabled them to be proposed in the cases provided for in letters a), b) and c) of the previous article, that is, of the condition of Deputy, Senator or Counselor of the Court of Accounts.

d) Proposal for removal by the institutions or bodies referred to in letters d), e), f) and g) of the previous article in the event of non-compliance with the conditions that led to their appointment, that is, of their status as representative of the Ombudsman, the State Agency for Data Protection, the Secretary of State for Public Administrations or the independent authority for fiscal responsibility.

e) Expiration of the mandate due to serious breach of its obligations, permanent incapacity for the exercise of its function, supervening incompatibility or conviction for willful crime.

3. The vacancies that occur before the expiration of the term provided in section 1 must be filled within the month following the date on which the vacancy occurred and for the time remaining to complete the mandate of the person who caused the vacancy. To cover.

1. Prior to the end of the mandate of the members of the Commission, the head of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations will require the institutions and bodies referred to in article 13 to communicate their identity within the following month. of the people proposed for a new mandate in the Commission.

2. After the period mentioned in the previous section has elapsed, and once the proposal has been made, the Government will proceed to appoint the persons proposed as members of the Commission, who will take office on the same date that the previous mandate expires.

3. In the event that, after the period mentioned in section 1, the identity of the new Members of the Commission has not been communicated to the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, those who were at that time in office will continue in their functions until the new identities are duly communicated.

1. The Commission shall adopt its resolutions in plenary session, with the President of the Council as Chairman. The head of the General Sub-Directorate of Transparency and Good Governance will act as Secretary of the Commission, with voice and without vote. In the event of vacancy, absence or illness, an official assigned to the Sub-Directorate General for Transparency and Good Governance appointed for this purpose by the President will act as Secretary.

2. The Commission shall be governed by the provisions of this Statute and, failing that, by the provisions of Chapter II of Title II of Law 30/1992, of November 26.

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