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Your words are full of common sense. I am glad that you are being so successful in your investments. Of course, you have to bear in mind that the normal thing is to have a long-term profitability much lower than this great profitability since last year, although it is still much higher than the rest of the alternatives.

This profitability is only common sense, they have not always realized that when it is bought, it must be at the lowest value of the investment, not necessarily a cheap share is profitable, you have to look at the citation of the company and what is its history in time and there if We can invest because many investors may punish an action for the fact that the company made investments or took out bonds that many do not like but you have to look at what they were for and their impact over time

Hello, I am a person who is unemployed and needs to earn money because due to age they no longer give me work, I have no idea where to start, I need to know, have contact with someone who guides me to start investing. I would like to invest intraday and so on make some money and see if I feel a little financially independent

Although many will try to make you think that you can live from intraday trading with little money, this is not the case. It is really difficult to have a return of more than 15% per year investing in the stock market. My advice is that you forget about intraday trading and try to find a job or start a business. Sorry to cheat your expectations, but this is the reality of investing in the stock market.

I agree with Paco that trading intraday for a person who does not know about the subject is to vote their money that can only be done by people who have a lot of experience and even so they lose a lot of money on some occasions, Marta the best thing you can do is investigate the shares of your country how they have moved in the last 20 years looking at each day, each week each month, each year and by blocks of 4 or 5 years and because they have gone down or up there is always a reason for it, the values ​​of the shares do not they move if there is no cause that will have its positive or negative effect.

Marta this will take you a long time but you will at least know if you invest or not by yourself or you get the advice of an expert.

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