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Of course, the potential assessment is not always fulfilled, since the game uses a dynamic potential system that can end up varying up or down depending on the player’s performances during the coming months.

If you want to sell one of the young talents that have already risen or any other player, it is important that you take advantage of the transfer market.

We can also use the transfer market to find players with the help of the scout. So you can go to the transfers tab, select the player you are interested in and ask the scout to start taking a look.

After a while, you will receive a report with the scout’s advice to know how much to bid for said footballer.

Note that the negotiator of the other team can return us with a counter offer, and from there different modifications can be made.

Once we have achieved a satisfactory negotiation, now we have to reach an agreement with the footballer himself who is going to join our ranks.

The entire process explained above is for property transfers, but we can also make offers for assignments, and in that case it can only be assignments or assignments with a purchase option that would be the most appropriate if we are taking an important footballer.

Obviously everything explained above is to carry out the process manually, but if you get bored or do not have time, you can always delegate it to the deputy director. Of course, you can choose a series of specific characteristics so that the deputy director negotiates and does not go over budget.

Here are some of the essential accessories and peripherals to enhance your PlayStation 4 experience.

Finally, it is advisable that you start making transfer or loan offers at any time of the season, and not just during the transfer window. This will give you more options to quietly negotiate the different contracts without the weeks getting on us.

Now you know how to better manage all transfers in FIFA 21, including how to configure our scouts to get us the youngest talent to give our team youth and future in career mode.

Remember that you can also warm up your engines with our general guide to FIFA 20, although we have already given you many useful information to play FIFA 21:

There are quite a few players to whom we can ask their owner club a loan for a season and we will tell you which ones are really important.

To succeed in career mode we have to try to look to the future and try to convince footballers who end their contract from 2022.

The high point in each of our FIFA 21 matches is when we face the goal and that is where we tell you what shot you must take to score.

You must pay close attention to the chemistry within your squads for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and we introduce you to the best perfect links in the game.

The special Rules Breaker cards were recently released in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and with it a great opportunity to trade and get many coins.

We are going to explain how the Flips trading method works in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, including some cards with which we can play without much risk.

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