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All you have to do is enter your personal information.

At be2 you can fill in basic information about yourself, express your opinions on different topics, share your lifestyle and even upload some of your best photos.

At be2 you can search for potential partners (as) by age, height, education, annual income, among other parameters. The appropriate matches will appear in the recommended contacts.

Be2 allows you to view other users’ profiles, access their public data, and contact them.

Dating at be2 is fun and creates a game for you: it shows you profiles that are not part of your list of recommended contacts. If you like them, give them a heart. If you are not interested, put a cross.

All users who register on the be2 website can access a Premium subscription. The VIP account provides many useful features and features to users, which simplify and speed up your dating experience.

Users can only view other users’ photos after sharing their own photos

By logging into your account you can see the users who are currently online and contact them instantly

Be2 has strict rules. Learn how to use the site correctly and learn how the VIP account works. Sometimes we come across comments where people complain about unfair practices. However, the terms of use for the VIP account are clearly described, and despite what some people initially think, directly deducting money from accounts is a common practice. On this site you will find above all people who are not looking for a fun and casual relationship, but for a serious and long-term relationship. At be2 there are people of all ages, and from the youngest to the oldest members, the opportunity to meet them increases considerably with the purchase of the Premium account. Be2 is a dating site where you don’t worry about incomprehensible conditions, which is why we consider it a respectable and transparent dating site.

I met some very interesting people through be2. It is not like in other sites, where we receive messages and pictures of crazy perverts, as it happened to me. I recommend!

I’m a little disappointed, frankly. When I started browsing the site it all seemed very interesting and I even took the test, but it was only afterwards that I realized that to have the recommendations of compatible people I had to purchase the VIP account. I thought I could try it without paying for a month, but then they took money out of my account without warning. I contacted them, and they indicated that in the conditions I had to notify that if I wanted to cancel the VIP account I had to notify it in advance. In fact, after looking it up, I found that information, but it was an unpleasant surprise anyway.

It was at be2 that I met my girlfriend. I had to pay the VIP account and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth it at the time, it is expensive to be paying subscriptions every month or half a year without having any guarantees that we are going to meet someone. Speaking for me luckily it was totally worth it ah ah.

Nowadays we can more easily find people with similar tastes and interests to ours, and with a personality compatible with ours. Be2 recommended some people to me, and I am having a very positive experience. As for the price, it seems to me obvious that nothing is given free to anyone. Someone has to ensure the proper functioning of the platform, and with all the associated resources, it is certain that no one will do it for free. I see many people with complaints, but few reading the terms and conditions. If they did, there would likely be far fewer complaints.

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